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Brigade Komarla Heights Floor Plan

Brigade Komarla Heights 736 Sq Ft 2 BHK 736 Sq Ft
Brigade Komarla Heights 965 Sq Ft 3 BHK 965 Sq Ft
Brigade Komarla Heights 1138 Sq Ft 3 BHK 1138 Sq Ft

Brigade Komarla Heights is a futuristic apartment segment with exquisite 2 and 3 BHK units. Brigade Group is well known for its modern theme and plans. All their projects are well designed with excellent quality, architecture. Thus all their units provide good ventilation and well-lit units. Brigade Komarla Heights floor plan is yet to be uploaded. We would be uploading it shortly. Let’s go ahead and show the typical plans of Brigade Group plans.

Typical floor plan of Brigade Group 2 BHK

This Brigade 2 BHK floor plan is of size 1330 sqft. The unit starts with 5.8*8sqft. Following it there is a living and dining area of space 21*12sqft. The living is designed with an inbuilt outdoor deck. The other side of living has a kitchen of space 8*10sqft. Master bedroom is sized 15*11sqft with toilet of space 6*8sqft and kid’s bedroom of size 11*14sqft. There is a common toilet of size 8*8.9sqft at the corner of the living and space.

Brigade Komarla Heights Floor Plan

Typical floor plan of Brigade Group 3 BHK

This plan is a 3 BHK unit with 1710 sqft with 3 BHK and 3 bathrooms. The elegant unit opens with a wide foyer 5.9*9sqft. Next comes the living room of size 11*14.3sqft and there is a balcony with 11*5sqft along with the living space. To the right of the living is the open kitchen with 12.2*1.sqft and extends with a utility of size 8.0*6sqft. Slight proceeding from the dining with a vast space 13.4*8.10sqft. The master bedroom is 14.3*11sqft with an attached toilet 8.5*5sqft and sky lounge 16.5*4.3sqft. The kid’s bedroom is 11*12sqft with an attached toilet 5*8.6sqft and the guest bedroom is 12.9*11sqft. The dining area has a common toilet 5.0*8.6sqft.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When is Brigade Komarla Heights expected to be delivered?

The Brigade Komarla Heights is an upcoming project. After the launch of the project, delivery would be announced.

2. How about the project status and possession date of Brigade Komarla Heights?

The project status of Brigade Komarla Heights is an upcoming project. The launch date would be updated soon.

3. How much is the area of 2 & 3 BHK in Brigade Komarla Heights?

The floor plan of Brigade Komarla Heights is yet to be published. Once it’s been released we can get the exact area or sizes of the 2 and 3 BHK in Brigade Komarla Heights.

4. Are there any differential prices based on the floor and orientation of the Brigade Komarla Heights?

In Bangalore, as per the real estate standards, the properties will have an increase in rate as the floor rises. Brigade Komarla Heights also should be following the same as other Brigade Group properties.

5. What type of flats are available in Brigade Komarla Heights?

Brigade Komarla Heights offers 1,2 & 3 BHK apartments.

6. How’s the neighbourhood of the locality?

Brigade Komarla Heights is placed in a well-developed locality, Padmanabanagar. This area is well established with good shopping malls, multiplexes, reputed schools, educational institutes, world-class hospitals. The area is well surrounded by good potential areas like Jayanagar and Banashankari.

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